Zdravlje zuba naših pacijenata je na prvom mestu!


Oral teeth hygiene, regular checkups, brushing teeth, and more

Dental Clinic “Dr. Vuca” provides services from preventive program and counseling patients to dental treatment that you need. Preventive program includes training patients on proper oral hygiene, teeth fluoridation, removing soft layers, and consultation about proper nutrition, all in the interest of preventing the occurrence of oral diseases. Other than this, we are providing aesthetic services like implantation therapy, teeth whitening and more. Follow us on social networks for latest news.


The lack of one or more teeth represents aesthetic, functional, phonetic and social problem

The lack of one or more teeth represents aesthetic, functional, phonetic and social problem. The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system, and the lack of teeth affects the poor digestion.


From prevention to the therapy and treatment

If caries damaged the tooth, we must apply the therapy related to the treatment of diseased teeth. In our clinic, we use fillings that meet high aesthetic criteria, and for a root canal treatment we are using modern medicines and procedures, with a long-term goal of preservation of the entire jaw. When creating restorations (fillings) we are using the color matching technique (sandwich technique), which gives a high aesthetic quality of restorations (fillings).

Teeth whitening

Implant therapy

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Implantology is the branch of dentistry that has taken an important place in modern treatment of taking care of people without teeth or partially without teeth, all in order to compensate for teeth and prosthetic rehabilitation of patients.

Implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the jaw bone, it grows with it and serves as a basis for implantation of the ceramic-metal crowns or dentures.

The implants behave very similar to natural teeth and therefore they represent the best possible replacement for lost teeth.

Dr. Miloš Vuca clinic

Teeth whitening


We are constantly investing in the latest technology

Established in 01.01. In 2006. Since the establishment, we try to justify the trust of patients with the quality of our dental services. We offer a variety of dental services like teeth whitening, implant therapy and other. We want out patients to be happy in the future as well, because satisfied patient is the best recommendation. With the development of social networks, we decided to present our work and services and thus inform future patients about our work.

It represents the first step in maintaining dental health of the child and the care of child’s permanent teeth guarantees the future of them.

For healthy teeth and healthy gums as well as a nice smile it is necessary that the teeth are properly lined up in rows.

Just one moment is enough to smile, but the memory of that smile and some special moments sometimes lasts for the whole life.

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