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Where is Dr. Vuca ordination located?

Dr. Vuca ordination is located at Kraljice Katarine 124 D, at Banovo Brdo. Bus lines that are leading to us are 23,53,57,E1. If you are coming with your own car, you can always find a parking spot in front of our ordination.

Since when is Dr.Vuca ordination working?

Dr. Vuca ordination is working since 2006.

Is the first teeth examination really free in your clinic?

Yes, first examination, checkups and X-ray examination is completely free in our ordination.

How much does extraction of wisdom teeth takes?

Time which is needed for wisdom teeth extraction is depending on several factors, for example, the tooth position in the bones, number and roots curvature etc. Extraction of wisdom teeth is is being done with local anesthesia, and after the procedure is done, it’s needed to keep up with the instructions for faster recovery.

Which is healthier, black or white filling?

Beside the fact that they are aesthetically more attractive, white fillings have a lots of other values, and one of them is that they are a lot healthier than black. In the structure of black fillings, you can find quicksilver, which is very toxic for the human body. Black fillings are not well polished in contact with saliva as well, which is excellent conductor, so they can give very uncomfortable feeling in form of the electricity.

Which tooth brush and toothpaste are the best for my teeth?


it is recommended to use a brush of medium hardness. It’s enough for thoroughly teeth brushing, and they are not going to damage the gums. There are brushes that are made from natural and synthetic fibers, which are better because they do not absorb water, and therefore does not swell or change shape. You are choosing the toothpaste according to quality and needs of your teeth. There is teeth whitening toothpaste and medical toothpaste against various diseases.

How to brush your teeth correctly and how often should we brush them?

The rule is to brush your teeth after each meal, with minimum of brushing teeth in the morning and in the evening.  As for the brushing techniques, vibration method is oftenly recommended. Vibration method means that the brush is placed parallel with set of teeth, so that one part of fiber is on the teeth and other on the gums. After that, the brush is being moved upwards at lower jaw and down at upper. The inner side of the brush is being placed upwards and in front and parallel with with dental arch sideways. Biting surfaces are being brushed last with circular movements.

For how long is my filling going to last?

Expiration date of one filling depends on many factors which affects on it’s quality, but it lasts at least five years.

Do you have wi-fi in your ordination?

Yes, we have wi-fi network in our ordination and you can use it completely free.

Are my teeth losing the color because of consuming coffee and tea?

Unfortunately, favorite beverages to most of people, coffee and team have strong and dark color which destroys the shiny smile. Because of that, it’s very important to brush your teeth every time after consuming them.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, for more info, call 0641165857.

At which social networks can I follow you?

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook:

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