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We constantly invest in modern technology

Dr. Milos Vuca

Welcome to the dental clinic Dr. Milos Vuca. In the pleasant atmosphere, our team of experts will provide you all kinds of dental services. With the help of the finest materials and the latest methods, we will make sure that your smile becomes flawless.

Our range of services is wide, but in addition to preventive care and consultations we are dealing with all teeth diseases, prosthetics, implant therapy, and we are paying special attention to our youngest patients.

With them, we are working on the gentlest possible way and so it becomes painless, to make sure that their visit to the dentist remains in good memory. Thanks to high-quality treatments and the provision of a large number of services, our patients become our friends, who are already coming as families and they are treated by us for many years.

Dr. Miloš Vuca / Ordination owner

He has finished dentistry studies in 2003. in Belgrade, at Faculty of Dentistry, a part of Belgrade University. After studies, internship and national exam, he establishes a private training which he is offering continuously today as well.

Dr. Miloš Vuca specializes his knowledge at Military-medical Academy in Belgrade. He continuously visits science conferences because of advanced training, and all of that as the interest of quality services that is being provided to his patients.

Ordination equipment

We want our patients to be satisfied in the future as well, because satisfied patient is the best reference. With the development of social networks, we have decided to present our work and services and to inform our future patients about our work.

Here is a list of novelties in Dr. Milos Vuca ordination:

Informatical appointment system, CRM

Latest gear and technology

American preparation for teeth whitening

Foreign drugs 

Diplomas and certificates of Dr. Miloš Vuca

If you want to see and make sure that Dr. Milos Vuca is the real expert in this job, we are presenting his diplomas and certificates to you. Visiting seminars, conferences and symposiums is his way to continuously upgrade his knowledge. Safety, trust and excellent quality are guaranteed in Dr. Vuca ordination.

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